30 novembre 2018 Collegamento Skype Scuole Elementari Fanano - Matsuyama


Nel nome del patto di amicizia tra Felix Pedro e Jujiro Wada, il 30 novembre 2018, alle ore 7:50 (Italian Time), si è tenuto il primo collegamento Skype tra la classe Quinta della Scuola Elementare di Fanano e la corrispondente di Matsuyama (Giappone), città dove ha vissuto Juniro Wada.

Le foto del reportage di Mikio Ueoka, direttore della Jujiro Wada Memerial Association (Grazie!)

Il suo commento:

The exchange class between Fanano Elementary School, home of Pedro and Soga Elementary School, Jujiro's hometown, was held on the 30th, and ended with a great success.

First of all, there was a greeting by Fujita Matsuyama City Education chief and Fanano Mayor. After that, the students of the Soga elementary school introduced Matsuyama city and the school life.

Next, Fanano Elementary School introduced Fanano and Achievement of Pedo.

Lastly they pledged to continue interchanging, it was impressive that the students of both schools kept waving their hands for a while. They thought that it was hard to break up.

The intended purpose of international exchange through the great people in the district, was achieved. I think that this exchange class will be a lifelong memory and will be great merit in future life for Children.

Finally, it is a project which was made with cooperation of many people such as Soga elementary school and Fanano elementary school. I sincerely express my gratitude to everyone concerned.